Pyroluria (HPU)

  1. Pyroluria is an inborn error of metabolism (genetic disorder) that causes the body to become deficient in nutrients that are crucial for health. This condition affects roughly 10% of Earthlings.


  1. People with pyroluria make excessive amounts of a protein called kryptopyrrole, which is like a magnet for vitamin B6, zinc and manganese.


  1. The condition is triggered by stress. Technically, if a person with pyroluria never experienced stress, they would never develop the symptoms.

  1. This condition could be an underlying reason behind why some people get Lyme Disease, and others don’t. And, why some people recover pretty fast, while others’ terrible symptoms linger for years.


  1. Diagnosis is simple & affordable! A urine test can be done at home for ~$80. Urine must be carefully shielded from heat and light.


  1. Treatment is simple-ish! A person with pyroluria must take daily supplements B6, zinc, manganese and other nutrients for life. The dosages must be calibrated for each individual, since we’re all so unique. Treatment must also include stress reduction.


  1. Calibration of vitamin dosages must be done with a physician’s assistance because mineral imbalance can have some serious side effects. Also, treatment may trigger release of heavy metals, which requires management.


  1. Mild cases can see improvement in only a couple days! More serious cases may take a few weeks to notice an improvement and many months to stabilize).


  1. See this PDF file for more information, including where to order a test:

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Lyme Disease (Lyme Infection)

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HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen)

  1. Everyone’s genes are different.


  1. Some people have some flaws in their genes that code for immune proteins. That doesn’t mean they are any less of an amazing person, just that they have a more trouble clearing toxins out of their system than the average Josephine.


  1. A lab test can detect specific versions of genes (aka. haplotypes) that indicate higher susceptibility to toxins made by Lyme bacteria, mold and other microscopic things.


  1. See the document below for details on the test and how to get it (It needs to be ordered by a healthcare professional- I can order it for my clients.)


  1. Instructions for interpreting HLA-DR lab results are in the appendix of Mold Warriors, by Ritchie Shoemaker (also found here).


  1. Treatment involves using either chlorella (a highly nutritious & delicious algae) or a drug called Cholestyramine + removing the thing that is producing biotoxins.

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