About Anne

pic of me-animated plates of foodMy orientation to nutrition began at birth as daughter to a Mom who makes magic in the kitchen and the first granddaughter to three Italian grandparents who urged me to “manga manga!” In my late 20’s, personal experience with ulcerative colitis shifted my perspective of food from cultural comfort to integral ingredient in the recipe for health.

A master’s degree in nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle solidified my belief that delicious food is also the best medicine. I found scientific proof to back up my instinct that whole, unprocessed foods are the key to most every health ailment. Now I cherish real foods grown with compassion, raised without chemicals and prepared in traditional ways.

Drawing from my previous careers in computer programming and consulting, I try my best to ask the right questions, efficiently problem-solve and meet clients’ needs with a flexible, individualized approach. I see my two main roles as an intense listener and fervent researcher. This way, I can most effectively help my clients create compassionate, delicious, effective and achievable long-term goals.

Most importantly, I strive to empower my clients through education so that they can take the lead in their own health. After all, everyone is different in almost every way (physically, chemically, emotionally, etcetera), so cookie-cutter solutions are never the right answer.

Since everyone is different, everything I suggest is an experiment. A strategy that works for others might not be best for you. I work with clients as if we’re playing a game of chess because when one piece moves, nearly everything else changes. Therefore, it’s important for us to check in at least once or twice while the plan is in play. If the plan doesn’t work, it’s not your fault, it’s the plan’s fault and we can change it! Self-care does not mean going it alone. Big changes take time and require support.

I enjoy helping people find their own ways to health amidst today’s tsunami of conflicting and changing health advice. It takes time to clear up nutrition myths and commit to change. A good first step for everyone is to thoroughly chew whole, unprocessed foods (the kind your great-grandmother ate) and do it with a smile on your face.

Anne Buzzelli’s Experience & Education:

  • Private nutrition practice called BuzzNutrition, started in Seattle, WA in 2009
  • Attained Registered Dietitian credentials, 2008
  • 10-month Dietetic Internship at University of Virginia Health Systems, 2008
  • Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, 2007
  • Science Prerequisites at Portland Community College & Portland State University, 2003-2005
  • Career as computer programmer and tester in Chicago, Illinois, 1997
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, December of 1996