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This post will be where I corral information that I consider “hot spots for health.” I thought it would be nice to have it all in one place. Probiotics & your microflora: You are a bed & breakfast How microbes can block health What is a biofilm? And why is […]

Hot Spots for Health

Recently, I saw an ad on Instagram for a really delicious-looking meal replacement drink. I’m always looking for excellent options in this area, and so are many of my clients, so I clicked real quick! Let’s be honest: real, unprocessed foods are always preferred but when time or digestive function […]

Meal Replacement Drinks That Don’t Contain Folic Acid or Cyanide

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Next Cannabis Medicine 101 Class is Thursday, January 10 from 6:30-8:30pm at Cville’s Northside Library (705 Rio Rd W) Registering for Medical Cannabis in Virginia Information Anne has referred to in a Cannabis Primer class Resources about Medical Cannabis Anne’s qualifications for teaching about Medical Cannabis Are you interested in […]

Medical Cannabis in Virginia

Who likes Seinfeld? I do. I’ve been slowly rewatching it and find that I like it even more than when it first ran in 1989… Twenty-nine years ago(!?), back when TV shows played at specific times… on a TV. They were on and then they were gone (unless recorded on […]


I recently received this question from a client named Dora: “When a label says ‘Natural Flavors’ or ‘Artificial Flavors”, what does that mean? Why wouldn’t it just say what the flavoring is? Makes me suspicious.” Dora, I think you’re quite right to be suspicious. “Natural flavors” is an umbrella term for ingredients […]

Beaver Butt Juice… delicious!?

Groaning, I fight into a sitting position, look around and breathe deeply into my dizziness. “Wow, I’m so hung over… looks like I threw quite a party! I hope everyone got home okay.” Then I remember. That confetti scattered all around my feet is not confetti at all, it’s balls of tissues stuck glued together with buckets of my yellow snot. […]

Put that cold bug on ice!