Clucking about backyard hens

“Cluck” below to “chick” out the video presentation I created to explain why backyard hens should be made legal in Staunton. It was presented to City Council by Staunton City Backyard Hen Advocates on October 23, after which City Council unanimously voted to move the proposal forward to the Planning Commission!

The 6-minute video comes from 3+ hours of footage, all of which is available on my Youtube channel.

These are the experts and advocates who are featured in the short “documentary-style” video linked below (in alpha order): Ryan Blosser, Jenna Clarke, Courtney Cranor, John Matheny, Emily Melvin, Lisa Pie Millette, Steve Moore, Holly Parker, Adam Rosen, Joel Salatin, Tracey Shiflett MPA AICP, Polly Smock, David Thomas NDhc and Roger Woo.

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