Don’t toss your coffee grounds!

After enjoying a healthy cup of Joe, use coffee grounds for something besides garbage filler!


  • Sprinkle on sidewalks to help combat ice! Provides traction + acid encourages melting.
  • Reduce odors by putting coffee grounds in a jar or bowl and storing it in the fridge or a smelly cabinet. (But, in the spirit of root cause resolution, it might be a good idea to also try to identify the source of that stink.)
  • Fireplace a mess? Sprinkle grounds over ashes before shoveling them away. This will weigh the dust down and prevent it from getting all over your entire house.
  • Use damp coffee grounds to clean up stubborn dried-up messes, especially on pans. Put them directly on the spot you need to clean and scrub with a wet cloth. But, be careful on delicate surfaces and on surfaces with small crevices (the grounds could get in there and cause a stain.)
  • Hide furniture scratches by dipping a q-tip in some coffee grounds and gently rubbing into the scratch. Test on a hidden area first to ensure color match.
  • Make garbage disposal cleaners.
  • Include coffee in your meat rub to tenderize and give a smokey flavor. Recipe.
  • Adding grounds to your pet’s shampoo can offer some protection from fleas.


  • Skin exfoliator: scrub yourself smooth with a handful of grounds. Salt scrub.
  • Odor remover: wash your hands with some grounds to remove garlic and fish smells.
  • Hair Detoxifier: Residue in goopy hair styling products can weight the hair down. Give your locks a pre-shampoo scrub with a handful of used coffee grounds. The grounds will take away build-up without shredding your hair.
  • Caffeinated Soap: Since you can absorb caffeine through your skin, a homemade soap containing coffee grounds could give your mood a kick, while exfoliating your skin. Recipe.


  • Sprinkle grounds around plants to repel pests.
  • Adding orange peels to coffee grounds might repel neighborhood cats.
  • Fertilize acid-loving plants (like azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses)
  • Add to compost (but be sure to maintain a balanced ratio of “green” to “brown” matter). Coffee will attract worms to your pile!
  • Mixing carrot and radish seeds with coffee grounds before sowing will boost their size and encourage their health.
  • More ideas here:


  • Make a coffee-scented candle! Link.
  • Make antique paper! Dip paper into a mix of grounds and water, soak for a minute or two, remove and dry, then brush away the coffee.
  • Fill a pin cushion with dried coffee (spread on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for at least an hour). This prevents the pins from rusting, and smells good!




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