Swap smart for flip to reclaim Cognitive Sovereignty

Smart phones sure are smart!… but could they be making us dumb? Those are my words, but I’d prefer you read Jim Rutt’s in his article, found here: https://medium.com/@memetic007/reclaiming-our-cognitive-sovereignty-f49f30eb26bb

An excerpt:

I have long said that attention is the cursor of consciousness. This means that whoever or whatever controls my attention controls my consciousness, and whoever or whatever controls my consciousness ultimately determines who I actually am.

Well, if my attention determines who I am, then as a cognitively sovereign citizen, I want to be the one who is controlling it…

And a food analogy, which I love, of course:

Enter the modern smartphone, a device that, along with its apps, is purposely designed to be hyper-rewarding. Then, as we will discuss below, a set of reinforcing behavioral factors builds on this hyper-rewarding experience to induce us to pick up our smartphones again and again.

Hyper-palatable foods provide a useful analogy to the hyper-rewarding nature of the smartphone experience. These are foods that “hit the ‘sweet spot’ in your mouth and immediately tell your brain to have more.” Such foods, chock-full of sugar and fat, and made super-easy to chew and swallow, “are deliberately engineered in such a way that they surpass the reward properties of traditional foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts.” Think Cheetos, Snickers, KFC, Taco Bell, or your own favorite manufactured snack or prepared food item. These foods have been designed to program you to want them again and again.

The hyper-rewarding nature of smartphones is conceptually similar, though different in the details. Rather than being designed like Cheetos to provide a very strong reward with each swallow, smartphones and their apps are designed to provide a large number of generally small rewards every time we use them.

Now pick up your phone <insert irony emoji here> and read the whole article! (https://medium.com/@memetic007/reclaiming-our-cognitive-sovereignty-f49f30eb26bb)

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