Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is the philosophy that drives the conversation, recommendations and protocols at BuzzNutrition.

…When I define Functional Nutrition for you, you’re going to think I’m daft. You’re probably going to think, “Well, duh, that’s just common sense.” … And, you’d be correct! The daft part is this: Conventional Nutrition does not currently align with common sense. The paradigm is shifting, but for now, Functional Nutrition sits on the cutting edge… and since you’re reading this, so do you!

Functional Nutrition falls under the category of Functional Medicine, which is described below. It is highly effective at treating chronic illness, which is any condition or symptom that has been around for a while, and is not a result of an injury or accident. Conventional Medicine (also known as Allopathic Medicine) does a great job at helping people in emergencies, but, in when chronic illness is concerned, its success is less than stellar.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition focus on root cause resolution. Instead of aiming diagnostic and therapeutic forces at symptoms, the Functional philosophy thoroughly explores the fundamental situation.

A Functional thought process might go like this: “Why is this symptom happening?… In order for a healthy, functional human to experience this symptom, what would have to happen for it to come up?… What would have to get in the body’s way?… What can we do to bring the body back into balance?… What aspects of this person’s diet and lifestyle can be tweaked to bring about healing?”

Functional Medicine does not accept that many people simply have a deficiency in prescription medication.

The reason why Functional Medicine is superior in the care of chronic illness is that we are incredibly complex organisms. Relationships between our different organs, systems and body parts are not linear. A problem at Point A does not mean the solution should be aimed at Part A. It might be best to do something for Part W, K and D.

For example:

  • Heart burn. Conventional Medicine will likely prescribe an antacid. This might make the symptoms go away, but it will also cause mineral and B12 deficiency, as well as leave the body open to infection and attack. Functional Nutrition will determine the cause of the heartburn. Is it because of a diet of fried food, copious coffee and processed foods? Is it because of an infection with h. pylori? Did the symptoms coincide with a round of antibiotics, or introduction of another prescription medication? Is it because of a ramped up stress reaction to something specific, or to life in general?


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