Laboratory Testing

Sometimes dietary adjustments are not enough. In pursuit of the underlying cause of symptoms and ailments, the following tests may be extraordinarily helpful sleuthing tools.

  • Nutritional Deficiency Testing by SpectraCell Labs is a blood test that identifies an individual’s functional deficiency of 11 nutrients, as well as glucose-insulin metabolism, fructose sensitivity and robustness of the immune system and antioxidant levels. More info here.

  • MTHFR Genotyping by SpectraCell labs reveals flaws in two MTHFR genes (C677T and A1298C). These genes hold instructions for manufacturing an enzyme that is necessary for activating folate and vitamin B. Deficiency in this enzyme can cause or contribute to various health conditions. This test is included free with the Nutrient Deficiency Test. More info here.

  • Organic Acids Testing (OAT) by Great Plains Labs measures 73 markers in the urine that can reveal a wide variety of potential root causes. For example, imbalances of microbes (namely Candida) and neurotransmitters; levels of oxalate and nutrients; and dysfunction of metabolism and mitochondrial function. More info here.

  • GenoVive Nutrigenomic Testing by GenoVive is a genetic test that identifies your own personal, unique metabolic tendencies. Results from a cheek swab will indicate the optimal balance of carbs, fat and protein for your body, as well as what type of exercise is ideal for your body.

  • Mediator-Release Testing (MRT) by Iso-Lab is a blood test that helps identify which foods may be causing inflammation (aka. food sensitivities). This is different, and potentially more helpful than other assays that measure IgG antibodies.

  • Stool testing by Genova and Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory
  • Selected tests from Dunwoody Labs

Other available lab tests:

  • IgG Food Allergy Testing by Great Plains (blood serum or blood draw)
  • Cortisol testing by BioHealth (saliva)
  • Particle-size Cholesterol testing by SpectraCell (blood serum)
  • Gluten Sensitivity testing by Cyrex Labs (saliva)
  • Gluten genomic testing by Enterolabs (cheek swab; Anyone, not just practitioners, may order this test.)
  • Vitamin D levels by ZRT (blood spot; done at home)
  • Thyroid levels by SpectraCell  (blood serum)
  • SIBO & h-pylori breath tests (breath)
  • Intestinal Permeability (urine)
  • GI pathogens such as parasites, pathogenic bacteria (stool)
  • Heavy metals by Great Plains (blood serum and/or urine)
  • Hair mineral testing by ARL (hair).
  • Other traditional tests can be ordered through