Neurofeedback Prices and Forms

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Neurofeedback Prices

  • 1 session = $85
  • Package of 3 = $250
  • Package of 5 = $405
  • Package of 10 = $790
  • Fine print: Cancellations of less than 24 hours are kindly paid for in full. Packages are non-refundable, but are transferable between Nutrition and Neurofeedback services (based on monetary value). Cash, check & all major credit cards are gratefully accepted at time of service.


Neurofeedback Forms

NFT Training has been called “rear-view therapy” by some because many actually forget they ever had the issues they’d indicated on their initial intake forms! How is that possible, you ask?… The changes NFT facilitates are so natural and seamless that they just click into place. Memories of old issues simply become useless. This is in contrast to many other stress-reducing modalities that can cause some re-traumatization.

The very best way to track your response to NFT is by how you feel. But, it is also nice to have some objective paperwork to reference. All of the following forms are completely optional, except for the Consent & Intake Forms (and I will provide those in my office).