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Nutrition Experience
Classes, Lectures and Workshops
Community Involvement
Past Life as Computer Programmer
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Anne is a Registered Dietitian with a private practice called BuzzNutrition. After personal experience with Ulcerative Colitis, she transferred the problem solving and teaching skills she gained as a computer consultant, to the field of health care.

Anne has five standard goals when working with clients: 1) provide their bodies with raw materials they need, 2) remove obstacles that are impeding momentum toward health, 3) make their resident bacterial happy tenants, 4) consider mental wellness and stress management and 5) empower them with knowledge so they can be the head of their own team of healthcare practitioners.


Nutrition Experience

Owner of BuzzNutrition (January 2010 – September 2011 in Seattle, WA; in Staunton, VA until October 2015; currently in Pittsburgh PA)

  • BuzzNutrition is a private practice offering individual consultations and group classes. Since Anne practices Functional Nutrition, her focus is on “root cause resolution.” As such, she perceives clients as complex individuals, rather than symptoms or malfunctioning body parts.
  • After meeting her clients at their current Stage of Change, Anne strives to identify the smallest change that will produce the most significant positive outcome. Focus is on whole, unprocessed foods that are appropriate for the client’s habits, lifestyle, beliefs and budget, as well as nutritional testing, high-quality supplements and stress management using Neurofeedback.
  • From January 2010 – August 2011, operated in Seattle as part of a consortium of massage therapists, counselors, acupuncturists and energy healers.

Registered Dietitian @ Vera Fitness in Seattle, WA (March 2011 – August 2011)

  • Vera Fitness is a women’s fitness center that aims to esteem women through empathetic listening. Anne worked with participants of the center’s weight loss program. She also assisted with corporate lunchtime lectures and produced educational materials.

Health Researcher & Writer @ in Seattle, WA (May 2009 – March 2010)

  • Wellaroo is a website that provides information about safe food, medicine, lifestyle and the environment. Anne’s focus was to conduct nutrition-related research and write articles, but she also assisted with the design of a nutrition assessment questionnaire and provided creative input on videos and animations.


Classes, Lectures and Workshops Given

  • Anne has taught two dozen different classes. Class topics include: Nutrition 101, Nutrition for Chronic Disease, Foods To Lower Inflammation, Healthy Food on a Budget, Stress and the Brain, Foods For Fertility, Is Sugar As Bad As They Say?, Controlling Diabetes With Food, Art of Fermented Foods, Food for the Tube: How to Support Healthy Digestion, Preventing and Treating Lyme Disease, Nutrition and Spirituality. All of Anne’s classes are listed on her website.
  • By far, her most popular class has been “Eat a Bug” (featured in the paper and on the local NBC news), which covers the nutritional, environmental and cultural benefits of eating insects. Anne provided cricket-flour brownies, rice krispie treats with meal worms and other entomo-treats. Runner up in popularity is “The Heart is Not a Pump”, which explores the possibility that the heart is actually not the master of circulation and explains why food choice is important for circulation.
  • In Virginia, Anne primarily taught through Staunton’s Parks and Recreation department and her Meetup group, Staunton Knows Nutrition. She has also taught at Blue Ridge Community college, Stuart Hall School and professional group meetings, such as Staunton’s Kiwanis Club and Outpatient Registered Dietitians at University of Virginia.
  • Get Out of the Gluten Glut is Anne’s three-part online course, hosted on, that explains the hows and whys of going gluten free. Each part is broken up into two to five-minute highly visual, animated and sometimes humorous lectures. Another online course is called Cholesterol Comeback, made in 2008.


Community Involvement

Food Policy Council

  • As a past member of Staunton’s Food Policy Council, Anne worked to connect people, no matter their income, with fresh, local food. This entailed matchmaking between existing resources and identifying areas of need and opportunity, such as reducing food waste and advocating local food and composting in public school cafeterias.

Legalization of Backyard Chickens

  • Anne’s main contribution to the year-long effort to change the chicken-ownership laws in Staunton was a six-minute video derived from hours of interviews with local chicken experts, including Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. The video extolls benefits of owning backyard hens and dispels common myths. She also spoke in front of Staunton’s Planning Commission and City Council and performed public outreach.

Project Grows Youth Committee

  • Project Grows is a community farm that aims to educate kids about local food by getting their hands in the dirt. Anne helped brainstorm a for-profit summer camp, surveys that kids would actually take and advertisements for farmers’ markets that participate in food assistance programs.



Conferences and Workshops Attended

  • May 2, 2015: Organic Acids Testing by Great Plains Laboratory in Washington DC
  • May 17-19, 2015: International Society for Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics in Chapel Hill
  • December 2-3, 2014: Virginia Farm to Table Conference (attended and was member of a panel)
  • March 21-23, 2014: NeurOptimal training for Neurofeedback, online
  • September 24 – October 4, 2012: Vipassana Meditation retreat in Sawtooth, Idaho
  • July 9-10, 2011: Blood Chemistry by Apex Energetics in Portland, Oregon
  • May – July 2011: Certification as a Metabolic Typing Consultant
  • May 2-April 2, 2010: National Association of Nutrition Professionals Conference in San Francisco
  • April 15-17, 2010: Body Chemistry and Nutrition Conference in Sarasota, Florida
  • March 27, 2010: Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Conference in Seattle
  • June 20-21, 2009: Linking the Signs by Apex Energetics in Vancouver, Washington
  • May 30-21, 2009: Neurotransmitters and the Brain by Apex Energetics in Seattle
  • November 7-9, 2008: Weston Price Foundation Conference in San Francisco

Dietetic Internship Program at University of Virginia (August 2007 – June 2008)

  • Exhibited creative problem solving and self-direction in clinical, community and food service rotations. Completed a research project on Complementary Alternative Medicine use by patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Clinical rotations: Assessed and counseled patients in the hospital (digestive health, pediatrics, bariatrics, renal, intensive care, spinal injury rehab, oncology, etc.), as well as outpatients (eating disorders, weight loss, diabetes management).
  • Community rotations: Taught nutrition classes to seniors, 5th graders, college students and an Inflammatory Bowel Disease support group; screened for at-risk individuals at a senior care center; and counseled WIC clients.
  • Food service rotations: Planned, prepared and served a meal sold in the hospital cafeteria; conducted cooking demos for seniors; and presented in-service instruction to food service workers.

Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington (September 2005 – June 2007)

  • Masters of Science in Nutrition, GPA: 3.8 / 4.0
  • The Dietetic Program at Bastyr University in Seattle, focused on evidence-based medicine, intensive biochemistry, anatomy/physiology and cooking. The degree and setting offered a well-rounded exposure to both conventional and complementary medicine.
  • Graduation required 300 hours of dietetics-related volunteer work
    • Mission Healthcare, Seattle, Washington (2006-7): Interviewed new assisted-living residents about food preferences. Conducted quality assurance interviews with current residents.
    • DishFunction Catering, Seattle, Washington (2006): Planned, shopped for, prepared and served at fundraisers and dinner parties.
    • Mount Saint Joseph’s, Portland, Oregon (2004): Interviewed new residents about food preferences. Assembled trays on tray line, ensuring accuracy of diet orders.
    • Oregon Food Bank, Portland, Oregon (2004): Taught nutrition classes to food bank recipients.
    • Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, Oregon (2004): Prepared and served meals for participants in clinical research studies.
  • Prerequisite classes for Bastyr:
    • Portland State University (September 2004 – June 2005), GPA: 4.0 / 4.0
    • Portland Community College (June 2003 – July 2004), GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Indiana University in Bloomington, IN (August 1992 – December 1996)

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management, GPA: 3.5 / 4.0
  • Concentration in International Business, Minor in Germanic Studies


Past Life as Computer Programmer

Quality Assurance Engineer @ Edgar Online in Rockville, Maryland (April 2002 – November 2002)

  • Edgar Online is a supplier of electronic financial documents. As a member of the quality assurance team, Anne tested web-based and stand-alone software. Most often working on her own, she wrote testing tools, tracked errors and communicated problems to development .

Web Developer @ Information Dynamics: Silver Spring, Maryland (November 2001 – March 2002)

  • As a member of a team of two, Anne designed, built, tested and documented a project management application for the United States Army. She also wrote the user manual for the application’s first release.

Senior Designer @ GiveMeTalk!com: Chicago, Illinois (May 2000 – August 2000)

  • GiveMeTalk!com (R.I.P.) was the first iteration of podcasting. It allowed users to record their own talk radio shows from home and post them to GiveMeTalk’s web site. Anne collaborated on the design of the second-generation user interface and tested working code. She also researched competing products and brainstormed on ways to expand offerings.

Consultant @ Technology Services Group: Chicago, Illinois (November 1999 – May 2000)

  • Technology Services Group is a consulting group that focuses on document management via the Internet. As an analyst, Anne designed, programmed and tested software, which allowed a pharmaceutical company to share secure documents electronically. She also conducted user interviews, wrote test scripts and documented project specifications.

Analyst @ Andersen Consulting (now Accenture): Chicago, Illinois (March 1997 – November 1999)

  • Chicago ICE (Internet Center of Excellence) was one of five international multi-media centers within Andersen Consulting. After completing 6 weeks of training, Anne wrote and tested Internet applications for various clients.