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Nutrition Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy:buzznutrition-logo

  • After we examine where you are and discuss where you want to be, we’ll create a plan. The focus is on figuring out what your body needs and how to make that happen the easiest way possible.

Nutritional Supplements:

Laboratory Testing:

Rates for Nutrition Services

Nutrition Consults

  • Initial 90-minute Nutrition Consults
    • $124 (credit card), or $120 (cash/check)
    • The first time we meet, it takes a while to bring me up to speed on your history and current goals.
    • Or, instead of an Initial Consult, schedule a Stand-alone Informational Session instead (see below).
  • Follow-up Consults or Stand-alone Informational Sessions (1 hour)

    • $88 (credit card), or $85/hour (cash/check)
    • We’ll follow-up on plans and experiments during 1-hour follow-up sessions.
    • A Stand-alone Informational Session lasts 1 hour, and is a more informal conversation driven by your questions.
      • Could consist of specific nutrition concerns and questions, general  nutrition-related concepts, a review of your supplement strategy, a second opinion from a Functional Medicine point of view, an investigation of test results (such as 23andme genetic testing) or really anything at all.
      • Caveat: My professional scope of practice ends at nutrition-related topics, but I am happy to discuss anything (in other words, our conversation will be in the context of information only, rather than to provide an official professional recommendation).
      • These can take place in person, on the phone or via email.
  • Fine Print
    • Cash, checks & all major credit cards are gratefully accepted.
    • Cancellations within 24 hours are kindly paid for in full.
    • BuzzNutrition is not contracted with any insurance companies, but will happily provide you with a superbill, which you can use to send in a claim. Please contact your insurance company for information about reimbursement.

Nutrition Forms

If you hate paperwork, don’t let these stop you. We can talk through the details during the session if you’d rather not fill them out… except, the HIPAA form is required.

Neurofeedback nft logo-brain

  • Brain training helps resets your body’s stress response (aka. “fight or flight” or sympathetic nervous system). Since stress is at the heart of most every health problem, stress reduction can help support goals of reducing anxiety, pain, weight, blood pressure, disease risk and more!
  • Neurofeedback may also increase attention and focus which is helpful for executives, athletes, artists and singers. And some report that it brings depth and ease to meditation.
  • In short, neurofeedback can benefit anyone with a brain!
  • Read more about Neurofeedback here.
  • Click here for Neurofeedback rates and forms.

pic of me-gluten glut still shotOnline Classes

  • Get Out of the Gluten Glut is a 3-part interactive class that covers nearly everything you want to know about the hows and whys of going gluten-free. It is clear, funny, highly visual and broken up into short, easily-digestible lectures.
      • Watch the trailer here.
      • Part 1 covers wheat’s history, science and problems, including why gluten causes weight gain and inflammation.
      • Part 2 covers the details of a gluten free diet.
      • Part 3 covers Leaky Gut and autoimmunity.
  • Cholesterol Comeback
    • Two-part video (13 minutes total) discusses why cholesterol and saturated fat are not evil foods.