Is Tylenol killing both your pain and pleasure?

Popping a Tylenol or two is so common that it’s hard to imagine it could cause you serious harm. But, aka. acetaminophen is given by prescription only in some countries! Besides being linked to Autism, this study suggests that the drug goes beyond blunting negative sensations… it seems to also cancel out positive sensations and emotions.

  • After taking Tylenol, people who saw a relatively happy picture — like children with kittens — still rated their emotional reaction near the midpoint.
  • People who’d taken the placebo were more emotionally affected by the photos.
  • Despite the emotional changes, people who’d taken acetaminophen didn’t feel they were reacting any differently.
  • Acetaminophen is found in over 600 different medicines.
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BuzzNutrition Commentary:

What are some alternatives to Acetaminophen? Turmeric and boswelia come to mind*… As well as a diet low in inflammatory foods like vegetable oil, refined carbs, refined salt and sugar. That means a diet high in good fats (like butter and coconut oil & raw dairy products), eggs, green veggies, fermented veggies and meat (including liver!) from a well-cared animals.

*But don’t take these herbs every single day for the longterm. Three days on and three or four days off is a good policy, otherwise they will begin to have a negative effect.

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