Virtual Dispensary

I am happy to have found HealthWave, which lets me send you recommendations for high-quality supplements with very fast shipping and a 10% discount!**

  • If I’ve send you recommendations, order from the link in your email from HealthWave.
  • You are not limited to the list of products I recommended. The site also carries a number of high-quality and health-related products (like cosmetics, pillows, back braces and even makeup!) There are, however, some products that cannot be ordered without a practitioner’s account. I can help with that– just let me know. Anyone can place an order by going to my HealthWave portal, or calling 1 (877) 941-1449.
  • Everyone receives 10% off!

**My only problem with HealthWave is that they send you reminder emails. I have asked them to disable this annoying feature, but it’s built into their system. I apologize for that and hope the rest of the service is worth it!