What does a Dietitian eat for Breakfast?


In the past week, a few people have asked me what I eat for breakfast, so here’s the scoop:

  • Two eggs, fresh from happy chickens, scrambled with yellow squash, onion, tomato & cubed fresh turmeric root, all lubed with butter.
  • Pickled okra, made by friends.
  • Not on the plate because they’re already in my belly: a couple fork-fulls of my homemade red cabbage sauerkraut (that I’d made 6 months ago and gleefully found in the back of the fridge only recently).
  • Bulletproof coffee made with organic fair trade cold brew decaf, more butter and MCT oil.
  • Supplements: 3g vitamin C with bioflavonoids, 500mg magnesium, 25mg iodine, digestive enzymes, 90mg iron, methylated B12/folate, adaptogenic herbs for adrenal support, 200mcg selenium & astaxanthin (an antioxidant).

What do YOU eat for breakfast!???!!?!??!!

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